Beverly Hills Housewife Exposes Beauty Secrets of the Rich and Famous...
as Overheard in the Plastic Surgeon's Waiting Room!

And don't be Fooled, These Aren't Expensive Procedures that Require You to go Under the Knife and Risk Looking Like You've
"Had Work Done."

They're Low-Cost, Proven Strategies and Affordable Therapies Whispered Between Friends—and Completely Accessible to Average American Women—That are Currently Being Used by Beverly Hills' Richest Men and Women Like...

  • One "friendly" starlet's secret to a smooth, cellulite-free backside, no liposuction required... and here's proof it works... she was recently voted "Sexiest Woman of All Time" by Men's Health Magazine...
  • This famous movie actress—who has seen her share of heartache and stress in recent years—swears this is the secret to her radiant, dewy skin and long shiny dark hair... she credits this "secret" with helping her look half her age...
  • Or this sexy superfood that all of Beverly Hills society raves about... they credit it as the secret to revving up their sex lives and providing an addicting boost of energy... not to mention a more positive outlook and better mood...
  • And finally, this juicy tidbit from TV's most popular Doc... his secret is a little known "super fruit' that's been revered for its healing properties for years. But Beverly Hills elite residents love it for its ability to help jumpstart weight loss, reduce wrinkles, and stimulate collagen...
  • Plus SIX more, tried and true, scientifically proven anti-aging secrets that are allowing Beverly Hills men and women to turn back the hands of time!

Dear Health-Conscious Friend,

Adelle L. is a 57 year old woman living just outside of Beverly Hills' most tony neighborhoods. A life-long resident, she can easily point out the homes of the area's most rich and famous.

And to look at her, you'd probably mistake her for "one of them."

She's fit, tanned, wrinkle-free and honestly looks half her age. When she goes shopping with her 25-year-old-daughter, they are often asked if they're sisters.

But Adelle is different than the other Beverly Hills ladies... she's not rich!

And let's get one thing straight. She doesn't have "good genes," is not a model, doesn't spend hours in the spa or at the gym, and has not had any work done by a plastic surgeon.

Adelle (not her real name to protect her identity, keep reading to find out why) is the girl next door, in most ways no different from the average American housewife.

But she does differ from most women in one big way... she works part-time for a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon.

And the conversations she overhears will astound you...

Cocktail Party Conversation Turns into the Hottest "Secret" Anti-Aging Book of the Year!

Hi, my name is Danica Collins and I'm the Editor of The Underground Health Reporter, the web's most popular source of alternative and natural health information.

When I met Adelle L. at a holiday cocktail party last year, I never expected to hear the incredible beauty and anti-aging advice she shared... let alone that we'd be publishing a book of her "waiting room secrets."

Granted, Adelle looks fantastic. And when I heard she worked as a receptionist for a plastic surgeon I figured she'd been sampling the goods and taking advantage of the perks... Botox and filler Fridays.

But a complete needle-phobe, she confessed she'd tried to have Botox once and completely freaked out. As soon as she saw the needle coming toward her face, she turned white as a sheet and practically passed out. And that was that... no more attempts at botox by Adelle.

When I asked her how she maintained her incredibly youthful looks, she confessed she was a chronic "eavesdropper."

...That the ladies in the waiting room of the plastic surgeon's office were a veritable wealth of incredibly effective—yet very accessible and affordable—beauty advice.

And that over the years, she'd put their advice to work herself. And let me tell you, the proof is in the pudding because Adelle—at 57—looks no older than 30... 27 whole years younger than her actual age.

And Adelle's husband Rob is no different. Adelle used Rob as her guinea pig, getting him to try all kinds of green drinks, supplements, natural oils, health food store creams, and techniques too.

And thanks to Adelle's experiments, Rob also looks 20 years younger than his "actual age."

When Adelle heard I was an editor for a health publication, she told me that she had so many little-known beauty secrets she often thought about writing a book.

In fact, on more than one occasion, she overheard her boss, the plastic surgeon, telling a colleague that he's always wanted to write a book about the non-surgical anti-aging secrets of the Beverly Hills elite. But he never did because he said ...

"If Everyone Knew These Secrets,
They Would Never Need Cosmetic
Surgery to Look Young!"

Obviously, Adelle was afraid her boss would find out that she'd been eavesdropping, and feared that if she ever wrote the book that could put her boss out of business, she'd lose her job.

When I asked her if she could narrow her "anti-aging gems" down to a top ten list of proven strategies, techniques and therapies... she told me "ABSOLUTELY."

And so she began her research – identifying the Fact from the Fiction, separating the wheat from the chaff – and discovering the "cream" of the anti-aging crop!

In Beverly Hills—as in Shangri-La—No One Ever Grows Old!

You might know Shangri-la from the dreamy fictional paradise described in British author, James Hilton's 1933 novel, Lost Horizon. Shangri-la has become synonymous with paradise on earth... a place where people live well beyond a normal lifespan and appear to never age.

If ever there were a Shangri-la on earth... a place where the biological clock seems to stand still... it's Beverly Hills.

Long before the latest scientific discoveries in anti-aging reach the general public, celebrities and wealthy Beverly Hills residents are already using and often experimenting with them. They're getting access to cutting-edge, life-changing and youth-preserving breakthroughs years before the rest of the world.

It's secrets like these that allow the super-rich to look years younger than most other people their age...

  • A patented, non-invasive facial treatment that makes you look 10 to 20 years younger in just 25 minutes... It's not a cream or serum and requires no needles, no cosmetic procedures, no surgery and no chemicals. Best of all, it's done in the comfort of your own home for a mere fraction of the cost of a facelift.
  • What if you could literally end old age? Scientists are convinced you can with this modern-day "fountain of youth" secret that's the favorite of starlet Sandra Bullock. She claims she has this extraordinary substance to thank for her youthful looks and gorgeous skin and hair. It's even been shown to reverse aging at the organ level!
  • Or the favorite anti-aging secret of retired quarterback Doug Flutie and U.S. Olympic Women's Soccer Captain Carla Overbeck that boosts youth-enhancing collagen and elastin in the body. Not only does it soothe inflammation, arthritis and aching joints... it keeps skin youthful, smooth and glowing... promotes new hair growth and detoxifies your entire body.

Chances are you've not heard about any of the anti-aging and beauty secrets I mentioned above. Here's why...

According to Tim Ferriss, author of the bestselling book The 4-Hour Body—cutting edge anti-aging discoveries go straight from the "eager-for-funding-and-fame" scientists developing them, to the professional athletes and bodybuilders. And then they're handed down to the Hollywood stars and then the ultra-rich and powerful. And then only after years of testing and trials do they go mainstream... sometimes as long as 10 to 20 years later!

Thank Goodness We Have Our Own Beauty
Secret Sleuth "Eavesdropping" on All the Trendiest,
Cutting-Edge Anti-Aging Secrets Being Discussed
Among Friends in the Plastic Surgeons Office to Help Us Out.

No more using yesterday's advice to stay young, healthy, slim and beautiful... now you'll have access to the same anti-aging secret tips and techniques currently being used by celebrities, professional athletes and Beverly Hill's wealthiest residents.

These secrets will literally be the next big thing for the beauty industry...

  • Beyond fish oil. This secret favorite of stars like Victoria Beckham, Fergie and supermodel Miranda Kerr is the #1 anti-aging food... one study showed patients who used it reported feeling and looking 6 to 12 years younger than their actual age. But beyond its cosmetic benefits it's been shown to help fight disease such as cancer, AIDS, Alzheimer's and Parkinson's. This powerhouse secret is no lightweight... it's also been shown to promote the rejuvenation of the body's own DNA and RNA.
  • Beyond Green Tea. The longevity secret of Kate Moss and Mischa Barton, is credited for the exceptionally long life of 225-year-old Li Qing Yuen. Native to Southeastern Europe and Asia, this is the superfood staple of traditional Chinese medicine you've most likely never heard of... it's used to inhibit cancer growth, support normal liver and kidney function, improve eyesight, boost immunity and improve circulation, cholesterol and brain health... and not to mention restore libido and support weight loss.
  • Beyond Retinol. This skin-saving vitamin is the favorite secret of the drop-dead gorgeous Mission Impossible actress Thandie Newton. This anti-aging powerhouse supports beautiful, vibrant and youthful skin with no irritation or side effects. It strengthens the skin, corrects dark spots and discoloration, erases fine lines and wrinkles, soothes inflamed skin and decreases puffiness. One study found a 39% decrease in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles after just 8 weeks of use. And participants reported their eye area looked "smoother and brighter."
  • Beyond Microcurrents: Imagine if you could "recharge" your skin cells experiencing a virtual "age reversal" of your face? Now you can with this breakthrough secret that uses low-frequency electrical currents to achieve lasting "face-lift like" results without the high-cost, risks, trauma, side effects or downtime of surgery. The transforming results are immediately visible and... with this secret, you never run the risk of looking unnatural or appear like you've had work done.

The Truth is... You Really Can Live to a Healthy 120 Years Young!

You might find it hard to believe, but scientists are right now, at this very moment uncovering anti-aging secrets so powerful they could—according to highly respected experts in aging and longevity—help the average person live to the age of 120.

But many of those new life-extending discoveries will remain virtually unknown to the average person. I'm hoping you won't be one of them because...

For the first time ever, the most powerful, up-to-the-minute Beverly Hills anti-aging secrets are within your grasp.

We took Adelle L's top "anti-aging gems" as overheard in the waiting room of a plastic surgeon's office—and uttered by the Beverly Hills plastic surgeon himself—and put them to the test.

We ran them past the top physicians, natural health researchers and anti-aging specialists in the business to make sure they really work. And then we boiled them down to a top ten list of the best and most effective scientifically proven anti-aging and longevity strategies, techniques and therapies.

We put them into a brand new e-book called "The Next Big Anti-Aging Secrets, Top Ten Underground Beverly Hills Beauty Breakthroughs." And for a limited time, we're making these secrets available to you.

The life-extending, age-reversing strategies you'll find in "The Next Big Anti-Aging Secrets, Top Ten Underground Beverly Hills Beauty Breakthroughs" are being used by anti-aging specialists, cosmetic surgeons, stylists, aestheticians, nutritionists and natural health practitioners whose job it is keep celebrities, professional athletes and the country's richest and most successful business people looking young and vibrant.

These blockbuster beauty treatments can help you look 10, 15, and even 20 years younger than your actual age. Imagine how confident you'd feel with...

  • Smoother, glowing, wrinkle-free skin...
  • A full head of thick, lustrous, and shiny hair...
  • Stronger, longer, healthier natural nails...
  • A toned body and more lean muscle mass...
  • More stamina and endurance for exercise...
  • Faster metabolism that allows you to eat more of the foods you love...
  • A smooth, firm, cellulite-free backside...
  • Increased desire and a more enjoyable sex life...
  • Boundless energy and a brighter mood...
  • A stronger immune system, which means you might never get sick...
  • And all the benefits people in really good health enjoy!

And let me tell you, the exclusive yet barely known beauty treatments we cover in "The Next Big Anti-Aging Secrets, Top Ten Underground Beverly Hills Beauty Breakthroughs" will be tomorrow's next big thing... plastered across all the biggest fashion magazines... eventually. But the good news is you'll get all these cutting-edge, underground beauty secrets FIRST in one easy-to-read and concise e-book.

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There will be no more "chemical-laden" drug and department store products that do nothing but increase your body's toxic load... threatening your good health.

And no more trips to expensive "med spas" and their dangerous anti-aging procedures that are often delivered by untrained aestheticians with no medical supervision.

That's because you'll have the top ten upcoming, yet scientifically proven anti-aging techniques and beauty secrets fully at your disposal in your very own copy of The Next Big Anti-Aging Secrets, Top Ten Underground Beverly Hills Beauty Breakthroughs.

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However, a fear of needles keeps most people from undergoing acupuncture treatments... especially to the face, as traditional acupuncture involves the insertion of tiny needles into the skin.

It was discovered that applying finger pressure on the acupuncture points (as opposed to inserting needles) produces a similar rejuvenation of the skin. Thus, the acupressure facelift was born—and the only difference is that with acupressure, no needles are necessary.

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According to market research firm Global Industry Analysts, American's will spend $114 billion chasing the "fountain of youth" by 2015... that includes everything from cosmetic surgery to anti-wrinkle creams and everything in between.

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Yours for vibrant heath,

Danica Collins
Editor, Underground Health Reporter

P.S. Remember when I met Adelle at the holiday cocktail party? I thought she'd been sampling the services of her Plastic Surgeon boss. But in reality she'd been "eavesdropping" on the ladies in the waiting room and putting their secrets to work for herself.

Now, you too can get those very same underground secrets when you order "The Next Big Anti-Aging Secrets, Top Ten Underground Beverly Hills Beauty Breakthroughs" today.

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